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Modern Day Faux Painting

Decorative painting or finishes that replicate the look of real materials such as marble, wood, or stone are referred to as "faux" painting. In modern times, two main techniques are commonly used: a glaze technique that uses a translucent mixture of paint and glazes, and plaster application. Plaster application is most often done with tinted plasters, but can also be done with earth pigment wash. The final product can be smooth to the touch or textured. 

Several variations of fashionable and decorative painting are available, each with a unique final effect. Some popular styles include:

  • Colored Wash – A layer of colored paint that creates a multi-tonal textured effect.

  • Marbleizing – A technique that creates a beautiful marble-like effect.

  • Rag Rolling – Using rags to create a mottled appearance.

  • Venetian Plaster – An ancient technique that gives the illusion of stone.

  • Metallic – The use of metallic paints in combination with any style and technique.

  • Strié – A technique that uses downward brushstrokes to create the look of linen fabric.

  • Graining – Creating the textured appearance of wood grain.


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